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  • (IREX grant, Optical Sciences Center, Solar Energy Group of Professor Bernhard Seraphin, Arizona University, August 1979 December 1980)


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  • (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
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  • PhD "CVD - " Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1983

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  • 1984 Principal investigator, contract between the Central Lab.Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Glass and Ceramics, Sofia. The project title: Spray pyrolisis of In2O3 : Sn coatings on glass

  • 1987 Ellipsometric methods for determination of optical parameters and thickness of thin films and crystals, a project between the Central Lab. Solar Energy and New Energy Sources with the Institute of Semiconductors and Optical Materials, Novosibirsk, Russian Academy of Sciences.

  • 1992 1994 Coordinator on the Project: CVD and Sol-gel coatings for cutting tools; Financial support: ISCAR Co. Izrael Institutions taking part: Central Lab.Solar Energy and New En.Sources, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • 1993 1996 Coordinator (CVD coatings) and P. Stefchev (sol-gel coatings) on the Project: F-456, Technology for deposition of thin film optical coatings of WO3 and investigation of electrochromic effect , Financial support: National fond Research studies at the Ministry of Science and Education; Institutions: Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, BAS

  • 1998 2001 Coordinator on the F 805, Investogation of electrochromic effect in optical structures based on CVD - MoO3 and WxMo1-xO3 ans sol-gel TiO2; Financial support: National fond Science Research at the Ministry of Science and Education; Institutions: Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, BAS

  • 1992 1994 Project: Shotki barriers W/amorphous Si and alloys; Financial support: Ministry of Science and Education; Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, BAS

  • 1996 1998 Personal responsibility CVD W contacts for the solar cells, optimization of the ohmic behaviour of the electrical contacts.Project: Solar cells based on CdS CdTe deposition of W ohmic contacts, coordinator Dr. Bohne, Germany, Financial support: European Commission for Science

  • June 2006 September 2010 Coordinator of the National Research Program, Optical Coatings for Effective Photothermal Solar Energy Conversion"; Financial support: National Fond Science Research, Ministry of Education and Science; Institutions: Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, Institute of Electronics, Central Lab. for Optical Imaging of Information, Bulgarian Acad. Sciences, Technical University, Sofia

  • 2004 2007 Project: "Ion-induced crystallization in amorphous media- effects of high-dose implantation with heavy ions; Financing by the Ministry of Education and Science, National funds for Science; Basic responsibility: Institute of Solid State Physics, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Maria Kalitzova; Personal responcibility: High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field treatment and the research of the newly developed nanomaterial formation of Te nanoclusters, changes in the electrophysical behaviour of the system (Silicon with NCs)

  • 1988 1989 Project Ellipsometric methods for determination of optical parameters and thickness of thin films and crystals; CL SENES-BAS and the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Science Division, Ellipsometry Laboratory, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk

  • 29.01.2002 29.01.2004 Project: Technology and Optical Properties of CVD metal and metal oxide thin films for X-ray Mirrors and Electrochromic Applications; Financial support: Bulgarian Acad. Sciences and DFG-Germany on a base of Agreement with DFG Germany for common research activities; Institutions: Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; University of Bielefeld, Department of Physics Frank Hamelmann Germany

  • 1990 2006 Project: CVD Materials and methods for deposition of thin films for Micro-and Nano Electronics; Financial support: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences; Institutions: Central Laboratory of .Solar Energy and New Energy Sources and the Institute of Solid State Physics from Bulgarian Academy side and Laboratory of Epitaxy, Chernogolovka, Moskow, from Russian Academy; G.Beshkov (ISSP) and Dr. Sergei Shapoval (Russian Academy of Sciences)

  • 1987 1992 Subject: Physics, Task: L, Level: 1; Technical University Physics, Sofia

  • 1980 Seminar at the Energy Department, Houston University, Spectrally Selective Surfaces based on Cermet Materials-Black Molibdenum, Invited by Professor Alex Ignatiev

  • Invited talk - seminar at Atizona University, Department of Metallurgy. Invitation made by Professor Crishna Seshan, 1979

  • Invitated talk-seminar at Optical Sciences Center at Arizona University in 1979/80

  • Invited talk-seminar, invitation made by Dr. Rick Gentlemen, Title Black Mo solar absorber coatings technology, in Rayteon Co. - Boston, Massachuzetz (during the stay of Dr.Gesheva at OSC, AZ University, 1980

  • Invited seminar on Optical and Electronic W/Mo based Thin Films Materials for application in solar energy and as electrical contacts of solar cells at NREL, Denver, Colorado, USA, (December, 1994, invitation by Professor Satyen Deb, Director of Research Division of NREL

  • Invited lecture by Dr.Dan Gazit from the Israeli association on crystal growth at the Annual Conference of Izrael Association of Crystal Growth, Nov.1992, Rehovot, Izrael, lecture: CVD-Tungsten and Molybdenum Thin Films Technology and Their impact on Solar Energy Conversion and Microelectronics. Crystal Growth Conference, November, 1992, held in Weisman Institute for Science, Rehovot, Israel.

  • Invited lecture, K. A. Gesheva, Title: Optical and Electronic Thin Films grown by Tungsten and Molybdenum Hexacarbonyl CVD Processes, Tenth International School on Condense Matter Physics Thin Film Materials and Devices-Developments in Science and Technology, Varna, 1998, Journal: Proceedings of the Tenth In ternational School on Condense Matter Physics, ISCMP Varna98, Eds: J.Marshall, N.Kirov and A.Vavrek, J.Maud, Key: A Volume: Pros. ISCMP98, p. 117-124, 1998

  • An active member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Solar Energy Materials since 1983 and since1994 of Solar Energy Matertrials and Solar Cells up to present. As a member invited Editor of a Special Issue, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol.76 (2003), Number 4 April 1 2003, pp429-654

  • Since 2007 invited member of Editorial Board of Open Journal of Material Science

  • Since 2005 a member of the International Advisory Board of the European Conferences on Chemical Vapour Deposition in connection with the Bulgaria being a member of the Euro-CVD Society

  • In 2013, September 1-6th in Riviera resort Golden Sands, the next EUROCVD19 will take place in Bulgaria under the Chairing of Profesor K. A. Gesheva

  • Member of the Society of physicists in Bulgaria since 1975- 2007

  • Member of the Society of Vacuum Coaters, 2004, 2005, 2006

  • Member of the Material Research Society 1995, 1998, 1999

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