Innovation Department
Head: Assoc. Prof. Stefan Andreev, Ph. D.

Goals: Transfer of knowledge and technology to support the development of industry, state and society by providing information, advice and new developments.

The services we offer:
- Consultations on issues related to the activities of various organizations and companies;
- Implementing projects that are of interest to our partners;
- Support for the preparation of national and international projects.

We are ready to discuss the possibility of cooperation on various topics to be offered.

Developments of practical character implemented in ISSP on which we are ready to continue working together with other organizations and companies:

1. A series of quartz thermoconverters, covering the temperature range from 4.2 K to 450K.
2. Measurement generators, designed to activate different quartz converters.
3. Improved SAW resonator with golden electrode structure and increased suppressing of the parasitic (hum) transverse waveguide modes.
4. Solid state sensor for alcohol based on an n-channel transistor with an active SiO2 layer.
5. Solid state microsensor for ammonia on the basis of Field-effect transistor with an active SnO2 layer.
6. Solid state humidity microsensor with an active SnO2 layer.
7. Solid state temperature sensor (0-60 °C) based on a Field-effect transistor.
8. Solid state microsensor for detection of magnetic fields (3-50 Oe) with an active layer of permalloy.
9. Solid state microsensor for detection of magnetic fields up to 1T based on a Si p-n-p-transistor.
10. A series of magnetoresistive solid state microsensors (MR500, MR700, MR1000).
11. Design and prototyping of application specific design magnetoresistive sensors.
12. Solid state humidity sensor based on layer of porous silicon.
13. Application specific magnetoresistive sensor for angular positioning.
14. Precise pair of Helmholz-coils, 20kA/m.
15. A series of prototypes of magnetic sensors for positioning.
16. Laser mirrors.
17. Broadband mirrors (zone for high reflection: width ~300nm).
18. Narrowband interference filters with predefined characteristics.
19. Low-reflection coatings for the visible and the near-infrared range.
20. Multilayer polarizers.
21. Laser beam modulators.
22. Refractometric sensor structure for chemistry and biology.
23. Acoustoelectronic convolver.
24. Device for visualization of irregularity on surfaces.
25. Level-gauge for liquids.
26. Device for control of the composition of series of samples, eg. identifying of counterfeit coins.
27. Device for control of the composition dispersion of fluids.
28. Scanning tunnelling microscope (for air environment).
29. Visualisator of acoustic waves in piezoresonators.
30. Universal platform for apparatuses (data acquisition, computer units, laboratory supply units, uninterruptible supply).
31. Building blocks: a) a precise 10-channel laboratory supply; b) an uninterruptible supply; c) high-voltage amplifiers.
32. Dedicated coil for magnetization of thin-layer structures.
33. Laboratory model for device, distinguishing different types of milk (cow, sheep, buffalo).
34. Electroluminescent information display.

Assoc. Prof. Ognyan Ivanov, PhD
Tel.: (++359 2) 979 57 23
Cell phone: (++359 89) 997-78-80