Kolentsov Kroum Mihailov

Born 24 June 1929, Sofia, Bulgaria - Physicist

Education: University. of Sofia: Specialist in Philosophy, 1951; Physicist, 1955; UUSIT, Sofia, 1965, Assoc. Prof. 1989, Assoc. mbr. 1999, Specialist in Solid State Physics

Career: Institute of Physics, BAS, 1962-1967; Research. Assistent., III or I dg, 1971-1973; Research Assistent, I dg, Central Institut of Elements, 1967-71; Lectr. in Physics, Higher Economic. Institute (HEI), 1963-1970; Research Assistent. 1973 - Assoc. Prof. 1989, Assoc. mbr, Inst. of Solid State Physics; Lectures in Electroluminescent Displays, Technical University of Sofia, 1992.

Publications: over 170 articles; over 195 scientific reports; 2 books, "Lectures in Physics", pt. 1, p. 249 and pt. 2, p. 371, 1968; 31 Bulgarian patents, 14 standards and normals, over 50 scientific-popular articles and over 25 denominations in the press and other media, over 80 citations.

Important Contributions: Originator of Hybrid Technology (1989) and new Perfect Hybrid Technology (2004) for productions of AC Electroluminescent Displays; 8 applied developments; design of 3 enterprises using scientific. Product.

Entered Achivements: Program "Siren" of Central Institute of Scientific and Technological Information, 1989; Catalogues of World Exhibitions of Innovations and Inventions, EXPO'91, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1991 and EXPO'93, Seville, Spain, 1993; Who's Who in Bulgaria, 1000 Inventors, Sofia, 1993; Dictionary of Intern. Biography, 27th Edition, IBC, Cambridge, England, 1999; Gold Book of Discoverers and Inventors in Bulgaria, Sofia, 1999; Catalogue of Technology Opportunities, the Hannover International Co-operation Event, Hannover, Germany 2002; Catalogue of the Workshop “Innovations for the Business”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2004.

Honors: Prize for Universal dynamical tester, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Kiril and Metodi Medal, Cncl of State, Sofia, 1990; two Silver medals, (Sofia, 1996, 1998), three Gold medals (Sofia, 1997, Manila, Philippines, 1998, Sofia, 2004) a honorary cup, (Pittsburgh, USA, 1999) and two diplomas (Tokyo, Japan, 2000 and Brussels, Belgium, 2000), International Exhibitions of Invention, Research, Innovations and New Products; Certificate of Enter in Gold Book of Discoverers and Inventors in Bulgaria, Sofia, 1999; a breast honorary badge “Acad. Georgi Nadzhakov”, 2002; a honorary diploma for high scientific achievements in natural sciences, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, 2002; a honorary diploma of the Union of Physicist in Bulgaria, 2003; a honorary badge with a ribbon “Acad. Georgi Nadzhakov”, 2004”, the set-up is prepared by improved hybrid technology and is distinguished with Gold Medal of the 13th International Exhibition of Invention, Research and Innovation “East-West Euro Intellect”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005.

Memberships: Union of Physicist in Bulgaria, 1962; Union of Scientist in Bulgaria, 1966; Natl. Cttee on Illumination, 1966; Group Color (charter mbr), 1993; Club of Physicist in Sofia (charter mbr), 1997; Society of Materials Sciences (charter mbr).

Hobbies: Scientific, technological and constructional occupations and novelties

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